What is The Project Canary® Foundation?

The Project Canary Foundation is a non-profit organization whose team consists of climate scientists, engineers, and passionate individuals committed to altering the course of climate change. One of the Foundation’s signature projects addresses the more than 2 million abandoned oil and gas wells currently in the U.S., according to estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Wells that are abandoned and no longer in use may continue to leak GHGs into the air. Evaluating, sealing, and confirming these wells are no longer emitting GHG is a component of the ‘plug and abandon’ process or P&A.

The Project Canary Foundation and Project Canary, PBC, are dedicating resources, including people, monitoring systems, and technologies, to help with USA P&A efforts and improve our planet’s future. With both a Foundation and a B-Corp, the Project Canary dedication runs deep. P&A is an often unknown and unseen problem that can be addressed by partnering with other nonprofits and companies equally dedicated to impacting climate change.

One of those is Fellow Environmental Partners.


At Project Canary, we are working to alter the course of climate change. We believe in the power of science, the importance of transparency, and that accurate, independently collected data is critical to driving an energy future that is secure, affordable, and available.

Responsible Environmental Stewardship Requires Action.

These efforts are just the first step in a process requiring hard work, dedication, and partnership between industries and states. There’s more to come. Watch this space for updates.

Let’s stay in touch about this important issue! We will send occasional updates and never sell or share your information. Thank you for being a part of this important effort.


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